Friday, January 14, 2011


How can we barely stands
when the earth tremble incessantly?
How can we fly to shelter
when the hurricane broke our wings?
And how can we take even take a breath
when the ravaging wave almost swallow our souls away?

But we keep in mind
the seafarers and the wayfarers together
we must travel as far as we can get and deliver the message
despite Mr Beaufort and Mr Richter
might pick a fight on us
there we vow to the alliance

Then we set sail and begin our journey
in a blink of an eye, I could see you at the horizon
while I'm still rowing slowly back there
apparently I stumble on them thus caught in their seine
they've set on their meals
slowly devour the fallen into ashes

I'm crying for help but you are too far away
struggle, in the very last moment before drawn
I could see a silhouette of someone turning back, or I do wish so
maybe that is the sign of death
waiting, waiting, and keep waiting
before falling deep into the darkness abyss

p/s: keep praying to Allah. someone is definitely coming to save you!