Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What a Day

"When you walk on a street in JB, you'll find serious face everywhere. But once you greet them with a smile, they'll smiling back at you." :)

The other day I was walking to the hardware store, there was this 'auntie' walking on the same street. I had no idea she was going to the same store, so I unintentionally followed her along the street.

It was a hot day after the rain so I walk fairly fast to avoid the heat. When I was going to pass her, suddenly she held her handbag tightly and walk even faster. I was like... "What just happened?"

When we arrived at the store (she stepped in by mere seconds before me), she looked back at me and looks relieved. Then without further adieu I asked the 'taukeh' if he sells outflow hose for washing machine and showed him the sample size I need (which I bring the broken one from home).

After the employee get what I need, I go to the counter to make a payment. The auntie from earlier queue a few couple behind stare at me. When she saw the hose, she said to the 'taukeh', "eh, here also sells washing machine hose ar? I want like that one please (pointing at the hose I held)". The taukeh reply, "Can, later I bring la. With all these appliances you angkat, macam mana you mau angkat lagi? Haiya.."

Upon this, the customers who heard the 'taukeh' broke smile. Some laugh. Yes, the serious face of Johorean can be break by the 'bahasa rojak' which in my opinion is the lighter form of English and could be use to reduce the tension and gap between us.

Before went out, I look at the auntie and smile. The other customer smile and shook his head for the scene he just saw. Then she smiled back at me and blushing.

The End

"Sometimes, all we need is the Ice breaking. Break the wall that separate us. Get rid of prejudice and all good things will follow"

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