Thursday, August 20, 2015

This is... Arts.

Salam 'Alayk.

My tutor once said, "you should have take art course". Shocked by her comment, I only gaze on her while my mind trying to interpret the sentence.

She realize I'm in daydreaming-stance. Then she smile and said, "Medic is all about arts; the moment you begin the anamnesis on the patients until they are discharged, is depends on your knowledge." "In UK, the doctors tends to diagnose by using USG, CT's, and X-ray to make sure nothing is missed. Meanwhile here in Indonesia, we don't have such luxury budget which leads us to carefully rule out the unlikely. Never be afraid of having several differential diagnosis because we're doctors not God. We cannot gamble on patients life."

It was only a time she ever tutoring us, but we'll remember the lesson. Yes, her name is derived from word "semi-arts" (a title held by future doctors in Dutch).

p/s: struggle is ended, suffering is not.

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