Sunday, February 22, 2009

Living a Life...

Living in a dream or Living a dream? Which one are better? I wonder why I live in a pathetic life. In fact, I always thinking how to get rid the annoying things around me everyday... and it stop there... I have no other option but to endure it.

One day, I walk at beach side watching the horizon. "Subhanallah! How beautiful the sky in the dawn. How unlucky the people who are still in their bed, still swinging by their dream." Suddenly, an old man (maybe around 70's) came out from nowhere. Walking slowly, knocking the sands with his cane. He is blind as I can see the white cataracts in both of his eye. He stood still beside me as pretending to watch the horizon.

"Beautiful eh?" his voice broke the rigid air. "Excuse me?" I replied. "The sky in the dawn, aren't they looks beautiful?". "Uh, yeah!" I answered him. It makes me wonder, how come this blind-old man know the sky is beautiful? "Excuse me sir, how you got blind?" I've thrown my words subconsciously. "I'm sorry sir. I'm not supposed to ask you that. Pardon me."

He smiled, "Don't be sorry, it's okay. I'm born with it. It's congenital blind". Somehow I feel relieve and ashamed in the same time. "Then, how could you tell the sky is beautiful? You never seen it before!". He then smiled again. (I began to think he is a psycho).

"It has nothing to do with it, I've decided in my mind 'the sky is beautiful', it is called -mindset-." He then explained. "I can spend my lovely day enumerating all the difficulties I've to go through to get here. But why should I do so when I can use that time to get up everyday and give thanks to Allah for the other parts of my body are still working in order."

"Happiness is something I can choose it the advance. So, start your day with doing something 'lillahi ta'ala', with that your heart guaranteed to be peace and calm. This blind-old man's words are really hits me. My eyes has been blinded by the 'mirage' while the blind-old man can see the 'world' clearly. After that day, I never seen the blind-old man again. He just disappear to nowhere...

Moral : (Al-Quran, 22:46)

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+akufobia+ said...

bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.tapi kadang lupa je.ngee.da rasa best sangat dunia ni.