Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tourist a Stranger?

Praise to Allah,

It has been 3 days since I went back to my hometown; which is located in south-Malaysia and I've saw lot of things have changes here. Last night, I went to a supermarket to buy a few clothes and I’m little surprise there is lot of foreigner especially from middle-east.

I had a short conversation with an Arabs on the other day. He is studying their PhD in UTM and living with his family. He even remember precisely how many of his friends are from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran and else. Then he asked me whether we (Malaysians) accept their existence in here. I smiled. Why not? We glad to have tourists in our country. Besides, you bring lots of money to spend it in Malaysia which is indirectly increase economy of Malaysia.

Uh, oh, and if you’re worried we’ll not accept you just because a title “terrorist” as the media propaganda’s is called on you. Well, don’t be. Coz when you do, that’s will make I’m a terrorist too coz we are in the same boat (Muslims), aren’t we? Please don’t expected us to fooled by “Islamophobia”, coz this term is not thrown just on Arabs, but the Muslims altogether from each parts of the world.

In fact, we’re welcoming you to Malaysia same as we welcoming the other country (as long as we don’t broke the laws, we won’t be harm). I said so because I’m a foreign student in Indonesia and as a citizen of Malaysia. I’ve seen many things happened between these countries. It even caused by little things that caused by misunderstanding and getting incite by the media that can be resolve by meet eye on eye and discuss, neither by press conference nor demonstrations. Of course there is no such a perfect country nowadays. So, the better way is to realize this, give advice and forgive their mistakes.

We just anxious if our leaders take the bait and have a weak judgment, we’ve gone into a war! (may Allah protect us from such things!). The good news is, I’ve found in each country have a good resolution by their NGO’s and some from political party (which is seek the opportunities within the problems). With those effort, insya Allah we’ll rise from the ashes once again. Allahu Akbar!

For your information, since most of tourists like to stay in Kuala Lumpur, they can come to Johor Bahru sometimes coz it is located nearby Singapore. You can take a plane from Senai Airport to Kuala Lumpur if you’re from JB, or you can take one from Changi Airport if you’re from Singapore. I hope you have a pleasant stay in Malaysia while doing your PhD’s (even though it is not a “Visit Malaysia’s” campaign, but I guess it’s ok. lol)

p/s : I would like to write a little longer in the article of… nevermind!

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